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International Industrial Design Registration

International Industrial Design Registration

The application procedure for an industrial design to be granted an international right in registration is based on the Hague Agreement, under which while making a single application to the World Intellectual Property Organisation (WIPO) and making a single complex fee payment, an applicant may apply for industrial designs protection in the designated Contracting Countries / Parties, signatories to the same act of the Hague Agreement.

An international application may be filed directly with the International Bureau or through the Patent Office of the Republic of Poland and should comprise:

  • filing a motion for international registration in one of the languages required;
  • applicant’s particulars, design presentation (depiction) and indication of the product or products constituting the industrial design, or with regards to which the industrial design may be applied;
  • designation (indication) of the Contracting Parties (countries and/or regional organisations) in which the applicant applies for protection (all the Contracting Parties in which the applicant intends to apply for protection should be indicated at the application filing, the Hague system does not provide for the possibility of later designation);
  • fees payment as prescribed by the regulations.

The maximum term of protection right attached to an industrial design is 25 years, divided into 5-year periods, unless the provisions of the designated country / organisation allow for a shorter (e.g. 15-year) term.

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