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National Industrial Design Registration

National Industrial Design Registration

An industrial design may be granted rights in registration provided it constitutes a novel and individually unique form of a creation or its part, bestowed on it in particular by the qualities of lines, shapes, colours, structure, or material of the creation, as well as its ornamentation.

The application procedure for an industrial design to be granted a domestic right in registration comprises:

  • conducting optional investigations for industrial design novelty,
  • preparing application documents and their submission to the Patent Office of the Republic of Poland,
  • responding to decisions and rulings of the Patent Office of the Republic of Poland awarded in the course of the registration procedure.

The process of preparing application documents comprises the following:

  • application, including a  motion for right in registration granting,
  • industrial design depiction,
  • description clarifying the substance (depiction) of the industial design.

The registration procedure comprises:

  • application filing with an according number being granted by the Patent Office of the Republic of Poland on the date of the application submission,
  • application filing fee payment to the bank account of the Patent Office of the Republic of Poland, according to the valid Patent Office fee tabulation,
  • Patent Office decision on right in registration granting,
  • fee payment for the first trademark protection period, in accordance with the tabulated fee list,
  • Patent Office issuance of a Registration Certificate.

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