Italian Desk

Italian Desk is a team of our law firm’s lawyers dedicated for legal services provided in projects connected with Italy, supported by the law firm Folloni&Partners seated in Parma. Within the Italian Desk we provide legal assistance to Polish and foreign entrepreners in Italy, as well as italian companies in Poland.


What can we help you with?

Thanks to our team within the Italian Desk and support of  the Italian law firm Folloni&Partners, we render legal services of the highest quality for Polish and European clients.

We provide legal services in Poland and Italy

Our advantage, which makes us unique among many other law firms with international departments, is a possibility to offer complex legal assistance at the same time within the territory of Poland and Italy. Such efective system of rendering legal services, parallely in two European countries, has been achieved thanks to constant presence in Italy of our Italian Desk lawyers, constant presence in Warsaw of our Italian consultant and cooperation with the Italian law firm Folloni&Partners. We are able to provide to our clients full legal assistance in cases from Polish and Italian jurisdictions.

We help in family cases, labor cases and inheritance cases

Our services are not limited only to entrepreneurs. We also offer legal help to Polish-Italian families and employees employed in Poland or Italy.

We help Polish entrepreneurs in Italy

Our Italian Desk team provides legal services for Polish entrepreneurs in all aspects connected with Italy. We offer legal assistance in the scope of launching and conducting constant business activity in Italy, as well as in incidental cases – for example in case of agreement or dispute with an Italian contractor. Our lawyers are entitled to be litigation attorneys in Italy and represent our clients before courts.

We help Italian entrepreneurs within the territory of Poland

Our services also cover any legal assistance for Italian companies in Poland. We establish and register companies for our clients and also support them in their ongoing activity in Poland. Moreover, we provide legal services for single transactions between Italian and Polish companies.

Within the presented services we offer legal assistance in Poland as well as in Italy, in the following socpe:

  • establishing companies and launching business activity,
  • drafting and checking agreements with Polish and Italian contractors,
  • litigation,
  • debts enforcement,
  • intellectual property cases, including trademarks registration and trademarks infrigments,
  • competition law,
  • legal opinions,
  • closing business activity (including liquidation of companies),
  • restructuring and bankruptcy proceedings,
  • tax law,
  • administrative proceedings.

Meet the team of Italian Desk

Avv. Julianna Postek

Alumnus of the Faculty of Law and Administration at the University of Silesia. In years 2008-2010 she completed post graduate studies in Scuola di Specializzazione per le Professioni Legali at the university in Bolonia. In 2014 before the examination commitee at the Appeal Court in Bologna, she passed the exam and was entered onto the advocates list kept by the Bar Council in Bologna.

She gained professional experience in the law firm of avv. Stefano Del Villano, working onthe commercial, industrial property and gambling games law cases .

Since 2016 she has been runing an individual advocate practice in Bologna. Her main activity covers representation of Polish entrepreneurs before Italian courts and public administration entities, especially in disputes resultant form sales or international transport contracts, and in case of individual persons – cour and out-of-court assistance in inheritance cases.

Her new field of activity is helping Polish entrepreneurs to establish and register companies in Italy, as well as providing legal services for them.

Languages: Polish, Italian, English

Matteo Folloni

Avv. Matteo Folloni

Matteo Folloni is an advocate, a member of the Bar association in Parma. He earned a Master degree in Environmental Law at Università Cà Foscari in Venice and obtained an auditor certificate of Audit group of environmental management system (SGA) issued by National Association of Quality and Assurance. He offers legal services predominantly in commercial and administrative law (particularly, construction and environmental law). He provides regular legal services regarding drafting and negotiating commercial contracts, public procurements and area development. L’avv. Folloni provides also legal advice on renewable energy sources and process of internationalization of Italian entrepreneurs.

Languages:  Italian, Polish

Paulina Sewerzyńska

Avv. stabilito, radca prawny Paulina Sewerzyńska

Paulina Sewerzyńska is an attorney at law, a member of the Bar Association in Warsaw and International Lawyers section of Bar Association in Parma.  She graduated from the University of Warsaw, the faculty of Law. During the law studies, as part of an international exchange, she studied for an academic year at the University of Parma. She also completed the program of the American Law Center offered by the Faculty of Law and Administration at the University of Warsaw in conjunction with the University of Florida.

She gained professional experience working for polish and Italian law offices as well as in the compliance section of international brokerage house. She provides legal advice predominantly in the area of commercial law and international private law. She also offers legal aid in the proceedings regarding intellectual property law and privacy matters.

Languages: Polish, Italian, English

Logo Kancelarii Folloni&Partners

Folloni&Partners Law Firm

“Folloni&Parners” Law Firm was established by avv. Matteo Folloni. Its activity focuses majorly on legal services concerning civil, administrative and commercial law.

Folloni&Partners Law Firm’s office is located in the heart of historic center of Parma – the city known as the Italian Food Valley (recognized as Unesco Creative City of Gastronomy). Parma is also considered as a strategic place for many commercial companies operating in the region of Lombardy and Emilia-Romagna.

Parma is located the proximity to Bologna and Milan – the economic and cultural center of Italy, served by three international airports connecting northern Italy with majority of European aglomerations..

Building in which "Folloni&Partners" Law Firm is located
Building in which "Folloni&Partners" Law Firm is located


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