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24 July 2022

GROUP OF COMPANIES – what is it ?

On October 13th, 2022 shall an amendment to the Commercial Companies Code shall enter into effect, which in particular introduces to the Polish legal system a concept of ”a group of companies”.

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10 July 2022

Legal bases for personal data processing

Controller may not process personal data at his discretion. For this to be possible, there must be a legal basis. Determining this is one of the first steps an entrepreneur should take when dealing with personal data.

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23 June 2022

Change in signing financial statements

It is advisable to remember that in 2022 the way of signing annual financial statements by entities which are managed by a collective body has been amended. The said amendment introduces a necessity...

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26 February 2022

Controller of personal data

About personal data, processing and application of GDPR, I wrote in previous posts. Form today's post you will learn who is a controller of personal data and what obligations does he have.

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13 February 2022

When you have to apply GDPR?

If data coming to your company are personal data, and what you do with them is processing, be aware that the President of the Personal Data Protection Office may get interested in you.

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