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Warning against false decisions about granting rights of protection

Warning Against False Decisions About Granting Rights of Protection

In the last year, false decisions about granting rights of trademarks protection appeared. Fabricated letter did not come from the Patent Office, although their contents include the emblem and the full name of the Patent Office. These letters are prepared and sent by third parties that impersonate the Patent Office of the Republic of Poland and call for payment of trademark protection fees. Therefore, no official fees should be paid to the bank accounts indicated in the content of such letters, summons or decisions.

Please be advised that if the application is filed by us as your representatives, all correspondence, including regarding fees, extension of protection, etc., is directed from the Patent Office to us, and not directly to you, as the trademarks applicants.

We recommend to all our clients to be extremely cautious and thorough checking of official correspondence, which is addressed to you. In case of you have any doubt as to the veracity of the resulting decision to grant the right of protection for a trademark, please do not pay the fee and inform us of such correspondence. We will send it to the Patent Office, which regularly directs notification to law enforcement authorities on suspicion of committing offenses of counterfeiting document the decision granting the right of protection for a trademark, as well as conducting fraudulent activities.

We remind that the bank account number of the Patent Office is as follows: NBP O / O Warszawa: 93 1010 1010 0025 8322 3100 0000.

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