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Internet Stores Have to Apply for Entering into BDO Register

Internet Stores Have to Apply for Entering into BDO Register

According to the Act on Waste, almost every, even the, smallest internet store in Poland, is obliged to apply to the Register of entities introducing products, products in packaging and managing waste (BDO Register). Article of that Act stipulates that every entity introducing on the market products in packaging, in the scope of the act on packaging and packaging waste, should be entered into the BDO Register.

A packaging definition in the act on packaging and packaging waste is very wide– anything made of any material dedicated for storing, protecting, transporting or presenting products, should be deemed to be a packaging (Article 3 sec. 1). In subsequent sections the definition is made even wider.

As a consequence, every product offered on the Polish market should be considered to be a product in packaging. It makes owners of internet stores obliged to apply for entering to the BDO Register. Unfortunately not every entrepreneur is aware of this requirement and this issue quite often is neglected. Such attitude is connected with risk of legal consequences – not fulfilling that obligation is an offence which carries a penalty of arrest or fine.

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