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31 March 2023

Data protection officer

GDPR provides for the function of a data protection officer, who should be appointed by the controller in certain situations. I explain when it is mandatory and who and how to appoint to this position, as well as what are his tasks.

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10 July 2022

Legal bases for personal data processing

Controller may not process personal data at his discretion. For this to be possible, there must be a legal basis. Determining this is one of the first steps an entrepreneur should take when dealing with personal data.

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26 February 2022

Controller of personal data

About personal data, processing and application of GDPR, I wrote in previous posts. Form today's post you will learn who is a controller of personal data and what obligations does he have.

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13 February 2022

When you have to apply GDPR?

If data coming to your company are personal data, and what you do with them is processing, be aware that the President of the Personal Data Protection Office may get interested in you.

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30 January 2022

Personal data processing definition in GDPR

In the previous post I explained what data should be considered to be personal data. Now I would like to concentrate on the second definition from article 4 of GDPR explaining what personal data processing is.

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