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This is one of the prominent practice areas of the Law Firm, consistently developed since 1994. We cater for large advertising agency chains and other entities rendering advertising services within the scope of ATL and BTL, including creation, production, and media (media houses, advertising material producers, creative boutiques, etc.).

Our services include in particular:

  • creative participation in preparing concepts and presumptions for advertising campaigns, including opinions on advertising projects, such as those on TV, the radio, press, and the Internet,
  • advisory:
    • towards eliminating the risk of acts of unfair competition within the scope of advertising,
    • on all aspects related to advertising activities for heavily regulated (restricted or banned) products, such as tobacco products, beverages (alcohol, beer), pharmaceuticals, foodstuffs, and others,
    • in respect of conditions for conducting advertising campaigns in such media as: television, radio, press, the Internet, and billboards,
    • on issues related to product placement,
  • verifying and drawing up contracts, including those:
    • with individuals and entities taking part in the preparation of advertising content,
    • on providing advertising services by advertising agencies,
    • with media houses, production houses, and the media,
  • drawing up sponsorship contracts and advisory on the legal conditions of sponsorships,
  • running training courses in advertising law,
  • organization of contests and promotional lotteries.

We support our Clients in all other marketing and promotional activities. Within that scope, the Law Firm offers in particular:

  • analysis and assessment of the presumptions for promotional or marketing actions aimed at their legal classification,
  • drawing up the regulations of promotional lotteries, sales promotions, and other marketing actions,
  • providing legal opinion on and drawing up the contents of advertising and promotional materials,
  • drawing up documentation and motions for the purpose of obtaining permits from the Ministry of Finance to conduct promotional lotteries,
  • supervision over the conduct of promotional lotteries and other promotional and marketing actions, including participation in lottery prize draws,
  • consultation concerning complaints made in the course of promotional lotteries or other promotional and marketing actions,
  • drawing up contracts on conducting telemarketing and direct mailing actions,
  • advisory on personal data processing issues within the framework of promotional and marketing actions, including those with the usage of electronic means of transmission,
  • counseling on all matters related to acts of unfair competition in advertising and promotional activity,
  • consultation and preparation of various loyalty programs and other undertakings within the framework of CRM.

While liaising with advertising agencies, we have explored all tricks of the film production business. Our expertise has been extended thanks to cooperation with production houses. We know how a film is produced, what the key stages of its development are, and what and how requires to be legally secured. With such knowledge and expertise, we are able to ensure legal support to our Clients, in particular in the following matters:

  • drawing up contracts between a producer and a production house,
  • drawing up contracts with co-authors of a film (director, screenwriter, operator, composer and others) and with actors,
  • drawing up contracts on the usage of a work in a film,
  • drawing up contracts on film airing,
  • preparing legal opinions on particular film scenes with respect to their compliance with the law in force.

Within the scope of our Law Firm’s interests there are media in the widest sense.  We deal with legal issues which are of concern to both media owners and those the media message is addressed to, in particular:

  • issues related to radio and television,
  • issues related to the Press Law,
  • issues  concerning protection of moral rights, images, and copyrights,
  • issues related to the mechanisms of media operation, and in particular their role in modern society.

Would you like to use our services? You can contact us by e-mail ( or by phone (+48 22 463 47 70).

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