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Our Law Firm offers complex services within the scope of commercial trading, in the first place including assistance in commercial transactions and investments, contract drafting, as well as support in the process of tendering for public procurement contracts awarding.

Commercial Transactions, Contracts

Our Clients are provided by us with support within the scope of their business activity. A well arranged and duly secured transaction is key to success. In this area we offer:

  • conducting complex commercial transactions,
  • drawing up contracts applicable both in the Polish and foreign jurisdictions,
  • ensuring compliance of the provisions of such contracts with the EU law,
  • advisory on tax optimization of planned transactions,
  • optimal security of our Clients’ interests, both through suitable contract provisions and suitable procedures within the scope of supervisory over projects execution.


Our Law Firm renders regular advisory to investors, both domestic and foreign. In particular, we offer services within the scope of:

  • advisory on and development of investment strategies and concepts,
  • investment projects execution and investors’ representation before bodies of state administration.

The Law Firm has experience in assisting business entities in commercialization and restructuring processes and provides services within that scope:

  • co-developing recovery and restructuring schemes, as well as preparing privatization documentation,
  • conducting legal due diligence,
  • supervising bank conciliation proceedings and privatization procedures,
  • counseling on acquisitions of enterprises, their organized parts, particular tangible and intangible assets.

Moreover, we provide legal consultancy in the field of enterprise restructuring, including mergers, divisions, takeovers, and transformations of the legal form, as well as liquidation proceedings concerning commercial companies and partnerships as well as other business entities.

Public Procurment

The Law Firm represents numerous Clients participating in tenders for public procurement contracts awarding. The service comprises in particular:

  • preparation of tender documentation,
  • preparation of tender consortium contracts,
  • lodging protests and appeals,
  • representing Clients before the Public Procurement Office,
  • litigating in dispute proceedings in-court.

Would you like to use our services? You can contact us by e-mail ( or by phone (+48 22 463 47 70).

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