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Anti-Crisis Act 3.0

Anti-Crisis Act 3.0

On May 15, 2020, the President of the Republic of Poland signed the Act of May 14, 2020 amending some laws on the matters of shielding activities due to the spread of  the SARS-CoV-2 virus. The Act entered into force on May 16, 2020.

The said Act, inter alia:

  • abolishes the regulations providing for the duration of the state of epidemic threat or the state of epidemic announced because of COVID-19 for stoping the commencement or suspension of the time limits provided for by the administrative law, as regards the institutions specified in the Act, and
  • abolishes the stopping, commencement or suspension of procedural and judicial time limits, regarding the proceedings specified in the Act ( current art. 15zzr-15zzs), and
  • introduces regulations regarding the rules of conducting proceedings in cases examined pursuant to the provisions of the act – Civil Proceeding Code and the rules of conducting proceedings by voivodship administrative courts and by the Supreme Administrative Court.

In addition, the said Act provides for regulations regarding the amendment of the applicable provisions of the act on special solutions related to the prevention, counteracting and eradiction of COVID-19, other contagious diseases and crisis situation caused by them, aiming in particular at faciliting the functioning of entrepreneurs in the range of overcoming the effects of restrictions related to the prevention, counteracting and eradiction of COVID-19.

These changes include:

  • changes in the terms and conditions of granting a lockdown allowance,
  • changes regarding exemptions from social contrubutions,
  • changes in the terms and conditions of granting by the Poviat Staroste (District Governor) of a one-off loan credited from the Labour Found to cover the business running costs of a micro-entrepreneur, and
  • extension of the statutory time limits or documents validity.
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