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Electronic bancruptcy and restructuring preceedings

As of December 1, 2021 the provisions on restructuring and bankruptcy procceedings have been changed. Due to the introduced changes, the IT system on restructuring and bunkruptcy proceedings, is  supposed to be not only a platform for posting letters and documents, but to improve the management of bankruptcy, including facilitating the service of letters. The dedicated IT system is known as National Register od Debtors and is placed on website:

Files in bankruptcy and restructuring proceedings will be kept in the IT system, and all judgments will also be recorded in this IT system.

Letters and documents submitted by a receiver, a court supervisor as well as an offcial receiver will be submitted only via the IT system.

Pleadings and documents will be created and put together  with the use of forms made available in the IT system by the Minister of Justice. This will concern many documents, including an inventory and list of claims, an inventory list, as well as division plans.

The introduced solutions resulted in  computerization on the proceedings, i.e .:

  • introduction of electronic communication with the court as a rule;
  • introducing electronic deliveries;
  • introduction of judgments issuing by electronic means as a rule;
  • introducing solutions to protect the rights of digitally excluded people;
  • introducing electronic files and providing access to those files via the Internet and at court offices.

It should be noted that the IT system will cover only new cases. The files of initiated and unfinished cases, as well as completed cases, before the entry into the National Register of Debtors will continue to be kept in a paper form.

Monika Chojnacka
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