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23 June 2022

Change in signing financial statements

It is advisable to remember that in 2022 the way of signing annual financial statements by entities which are managed by a collective body has been amended. The said amendment introduces a necessity...

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3 July 2020

Facilitations in Tax Residence Certificate

On the basis of Article 77 p. 61 of the Act of June 19th, 2020, on Subsidies for Interest of Bank Loans Granted to Entrepreneurs Affected by COVID-19 and on Simplified Arrangement Proceedings Due to COVID-19, to so called Anti-Crisis…

20 May 2020

Extension of Deadlines Resultant from Accounting Act

The introduction of the state of the epidemic in Poland coincided with the moment when the majority of entities keeping accounts in accordance with the provisions of, among others, the Accounting Act should draw up, approve, make available, and submit…

25 April 2020

You Can Settle Tax Later

Pursuant to the Polish Act Personal Income Tax and the Act on Corporate Income Tax, the annual PIT form as well as the CIT form should be filed to the tax office and the tax should be paid before the…

29 March 2020

Deadline for CIT for 2019 Extended

Due to coronavirus epidemic, the Polish Minister of Finance issued the regulation extending the deadline for filing tax declarationa and paying tax by legal persons. Deadline Before Change Pursuant to Article 27 sec. 1 of the Legal Person's Income Tax…

1 August 2014

Business activity in the place of residence and propert tax

A lot of entrepreneurs, while starting up, indicate their place of residence as the official seat of their business. Thanks to that, they do not have to bear the additional costs of premises rental, and may charge the expenses related…

15 March 2014

Classification of income generated by authors and art performers

Directors of Tax Chambers, while issuing, under the Tax Ordinance and on behalf of the Ministry of Finance, individual tax interpretation statements, have changed their position concerning the system of classification of creators’ and art performers’ incomes generated within the…

13 March 2014

Amendment of the Act on Value Added Tax

The Sejm-adopted amendment of the Act on Value Added Tax, which is to enter into force on 1 April 2014, changes the principles of VAT deductions from the purchase of cars with an allowable total weight of up to 3.5…

12 December 2013

New invoicing terms

Following the amendment of the Act on Value Added Tax, new invoicing terms entered into force as of 1 January 2014. In principle, an invoice is issued no later than on the fifteenth day of the month following the month…

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