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Tax and social security law concerns every single entrepreneur. Given the system organization and the approach of tax authorities in Poland, it is advisable not to neglect that aspect of one’s business activity. Thus we render complex services within the scope of finance law (including in particular tax , customs, foreign exchange, and banking law) and social security law.


Tax issues accompany the majority of commercial transactions and constitute a permanent element of our reality. Thus, in the Law Firm, there is a team specialized in this area.

Advisory rendered by the Law Firm focuses on ensuring to Clients proper conditions for their taking optimal decisions and planning effectively.  In particular, we offer services in the following scope:

  • analysis of tax implications of transactions conducted by business entities,
  • developing concepts within the scope of tax consequences optimization in commercial and equity transactions,
  • providing opinions on disputable matters,
  • representing Clients before tax authorities and courts.

Within the framework of our tax practice, we also deal with problems of the Customs and Foreign Exchange Law closely connected to the area of Tax Law.

Banking law

Within the scope of the Banking Law, we support our Clients in their relations with banks and other financial institutions. We have conducted many complex projects and, as a result, we have gained extensive knowledge and expertise allowing us to optimally secure the interests of persons using various financial products, including credit contracts, lease contracts, financial products.

Social security

We advise our clients in all matters connected with social security. We also represent them in disputes with social security authority (and in courts), appel decisions and help to establish whether they are subject to obligatory social security.

Would you like to use our services? You can contact us by e-mail ( or by phone (+48 22 463 47 70).

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